Remarkable Loudspeaker Product Line

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International Jensen Inc has introduced the Advent Home Theater loudspeaker product line. This new product line enables consumers to acquire Advent products that will create a home theater system without having to acquire other manufacturers’ products. The products range in price from $129 to $1,000. The product line has different speaker packages, channel units and a subwoofer to mix and match.

Great Loudspeaker Brand of Jensen Inc

loudspeakerInternational Jensen Inc.’s Advent loudspeaker brand has introduced a full line of dedicated home theater products. The Home Theater (HT) speaker line includes the company’s first powered sub-woofer model and two speaker packages, as well as front, center and rear channel units.

According to a Jensen spokesperson, the new line allows consumers and retailers for the first time to bundle Advent models designed to work together instead of mixing and matching different types.


The 100-watt Sub. 10 powered subwoofer features a continuous variable low pass crossover, a 180-degree phase switch to keep the unit in balance with the satellites and an auto on/off switch. The 10-inch unit has a suggested price of $399.

The line’s rear channel unit is the 40-watt HT202, featuring a 2 1/4-inch driver and carrying a $79 per pair suggested price. For those interested in more power from the surround channel, Advent has the HT204, which matches four of the 2 1/4-inch drivers together in two pairs. The HT204 drivers are mounted on top of each other on a swivel mount and are rated at 100 watts. Suggested price per pair is $149.

Reasonable Price for the Good Device

Touted by Advent as perfect for a consumer’s first step toward a home theater system are the acoustically matched HT103 center and front speakers. All have two 5 1/4-inch drivers and a tweeter contained in 18-inch-high cabinets, with a $479 suggested retail price.

For consumers interested in expanding their existing system into a complete home theater, Advent now has the HT303 and HT304. Each contains a non-powered subwoofer; the HT303 has two satellite speakers, and the HT304 adds a center channel. Suggested prices are $349 and $449, respectively.

The spokesperson said a combination of the Sub. 10, HT103 and HT204 creates Advent’s best home theater system, at about $1,000. The setup contains the new powered subwoofer; the Sub. 10, matched with the HT103; a set of acoustically matched left, right and center speakers, and the HT204 rear channels.

Comparing Between the Bookshelf and Advent’s Mini II

Outside the home theater area, Advent launched its Bookshelf I speaker, which started shipping this month.

  • The spokesperson said the Bookshelf I was designed in response to dealers, requests for a lower-priced speaker than Advent’s Mini II.
  • With a $129 suggested retail price, the Bookshelf I is about $50 less than the Mini II. The new 50-watt model has a 5 1/4-inch woofer and 1/2-inch tweeter.

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