Depending on your criteria to choose the suitable turntable and your budget, at that time you will think to what kind of a record player for you. These two elements seem to be firstly for everyone who prepares to buy the record player. If you are a DJ you will know what do you need and what criteria. There are many record player reviews which most of them are highly appreciated for the specific products. You can consider them as the good suggestions. Besides, referring to more those reviews, you should also combine with your requirements to choose a right turntable.

Therefore, how to choose the right record player for yourself will very important which you must know. In this writing, I will provide some necessary information which they are related to buying the new one. Hope you find out the interesting things here.

  1. Choose The Type of The Drive?

Looseness the belt drive over time

Nowadays, on the market, you will find out two standards. They are the belt drive and the primary drive. Here are some main features of two types:

  • Normally, the belt drive is often used at home. It is the choice of many people.
  • In addition, with the direct drive, you will have the motor which it links directly to the platter and provides the best torque.
  • Also, after using for a long time, the belt drive can be loosen and have the risk for slipping out. This will affect the pitch.
  • Moreover, with the primary drive, its motor will create less noise than the belt drive. It often uses in some clubs where there are a lot of big sounds and noise.
  • However, the price of the primary drive is cheaper than the belt drive.
  1. Need to Have The USB Port

You should select a record player that it has the USB port. Today, they also exist many turntables without USB port. This is very inconvenient if you want to transfer the vinyl record into your laptop or your computer to store safely.

Although USB port does not affect the recording function of a record player you also should need to this USB function. You will use it in the future.

  1. Consider The Cost of The Turntable

There are a lot of different prices for your choice. But the versions for the DJ, the cost of the turntables have the high price. Sometimes, it is over 1000 dollars to choose the best record player.

The record player with high price for DJs

On the other hands, you do not worry about the cost too much. Even, you only spend about 100 dollars you also can own a turntable. However, its function will not be great as you think.

Moreover, you can choose the cheap record player when the shop has a promotion program with discounts. You will have a record player with the best price.

  1. Know the automatic start and stop

Today, it is not difficult to buy the turntables that they have the automatic function for starting and stopping. With the automatic stop, it is good for your record player to avoid the atrophy on the units.

When your record player can start automatically, you will save your time because you only place the tone-arm on the platter and then push the power button for starting. The remaining parts will be worked by the turntable until the recording completes.

  1. Select The Speed

There are 3 levels of the speed. They are 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm. Some turntables only have two speed levels. However, it is better to choose all for a record player.

  1. Invest The High Quality Speakers of The Turntable

I know that you want to buy a good record player to enjoy the songs. If you are willing to invest the good turntable that is no reason you do not buy the good speakers for your record player.

However, before choosing the speakers, you need to know what kinds of the speakers which they are appropriate for your turntable. Everything must match each other to bring the high working efficiency as well as the sound quality.

In short, you have some criteria above. I believe you will own a good set of the record player. To buy the right record player, you should collect some necessary tips about the turntable. With the DJs, choosing the good record player is a key to towards the success in their work. It means how to choose the right turntable is extremely important. So, you should really be careful before having the final decision. Hope this information will contribute more for you to select the right record player.

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