Do you want to improve your headphones to have the quality sound? In what way? A great number of people purchase headphone amplifiers in order to do this one. Nonetheless, there is an easier way that you do not have to spend any cost. You can believe, can’t you? There is burning in the headphones. To improve the sound quality of the headphones, many music lovers over the world applied this way. Don’t worry! You do not have to bring your the best workout headphones so as to burn. Everything is more simple than you thought. This method like breaking a new pair of baseball gloves, shoes or anything is only to refresh. How should you do this? Simply, you only need to use them. Nevertheless, this way can only apply with a pair of pretty new headphones. On the contrary, if your headphones have utilized for a long time, you can have already burned enough to repeat them.

On the other hand, your headphones will also be burned by another one. This one depends on you. There is not any evidence for this. In particular, you feel suitable. For example, the suggestion of burning time is from 100 to 200 hours, but you can still apply less or more these numbers. This one is the same as the suggestion of the music volume. Even though the sound level is defined, you can use any levels that you like, as long as you do not play at the maximum levels. Like that, both your headphones and ears are able to be damaged.

In What Way Can You Improve The Sound of Your Headphones Better?

To burn your headphones, you may apply one of these below methods:

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# Way 1: Noise

It can say that this method is the most common way if you want to burn the headphones. The noise means sine AM/FM static, white noise, wave sweep, pink noise and so on. At here, you are able to receive countless noise files. By the way, you only need to choose a file after beginning to play it. Of course, your headphones must be connected to MP3, smartphone, iPod, computer, or anything that you can utilize for hearing. Beyond that, you could download many files on repeat. Even, the combination of them into the track is to repeat. To perform this one, you are able to utilize a free program as Audacity, for instance.

# Way 2: Music

If you dislike the first method, you can use the second method, by the way, playing music. Any music can be used in order to burn the headphones. However, you ought to avoid utilizing the frequency from low to high. Let’s create a playlist with a variety of songs which is the best way that you can apply. You should look for several songs that have heavy bass and high notes. In addition, you also need a couple of songs with the average frequency so as to balance it.

# Way 3: only need to use your headphones

It means that whenever you utilize the headphones, you are burning them. There is the simplest way. You only need to turn the music through your headphones. In that way, you were and are improving your appliance. This method is a long-term process. In comparison with these above two ways, it will take much time. Nonetheless, there is still a useful way.

At present, it can say that there are any rules for burning the headphones. All are not proven. The majority of people applied and draws methods. As mentioned, everything depends on you. If you recognize your headphones’ sound better after several burning hours, it will be the useful way to perform. By contrast, if the sound is good, you do not need to do anything.


You do not spend any cost to do this. So, why do you try? No one knows you’re the best workout headphones will become better due to this. You are able to apply all three ways so as to know what ways will be suitable. Let’s remember that they are free! Good luck in using!!

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