In this century, there’re still many people concern of playing and recording record players, analog sound players, antique collectors, DJs and audiophile. Maybe you don’t believe but nowadays, there are many tracks and albums are still produced in vinyl black discs. Even well – known producers and companies are maintaining the LP version for some albums such as the 2011 version of “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd. Alongside with the disc, record players are also concerned. The best record player can now be purchased easily online, instead of asking here and there hopelessly to find the one that suits your living room.

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  1. Some numbers for the records

New black disc are still released monthly, and according to the music industry’s analytics, in 2003, just within half of a year, the number of LPs sold reached 661.000 copies, meanwhile the number of SACD and DVD-A is just 234.000.

Until now, there are many people that have the hobby of collecting the LP or vinyl discs, because of many reasons. Some of them may have a part of their collection long time ago and they want to enrich their treasure, others have just recently found out the joy in collecting this kind of disc. To many people, collecting and taking care of those LPs from the time they take the disc out of the cover, put it into the player, gently put the spinner on, watching the pin moves slowly on the surface of the vinyl record… the whole process is just like an amazing season for their life, a noble and gentle hobby that is irresistible.

A community that contributes a lot in keeping LP alive is the collectors. Each cover itself is a masterpiece, therefore the collectors try as hard as they could to find the cover, trading, making an undercover market that is very eventful, especially with the very rare and special editions.

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  1. DJs – how can they use the LPs?

Professional DJs are also the people who persistently protect the existence of this music device. Most of the free music styles (underground music) are produced and published with vinyl records. Some famous music producing companies recently released the acapella LP version (literal with no music instruments) of popular music for underground mixers, and it’s time for them to remix all the songs, publishing under LPs for DJs.

Many people claimed that it would be better to hear a song through the LP and you will see, you don’t need to be an audiophile to agree with that. The warmth of the sound is completely undeniable. It is explained by the sound waves which are analog pure with the wave graphic always change with a smooth amplitude. The sound waves are saved in the LP exactly correct with what they were created, so that they can still remain the sound quality: smooth and warm.

If you hear a song on CD and fell just fine, you should listen to the same song which is played on a record player. If the sound systems are good enough, the song could make you goose bumping because of the fresh and new feelings that you can never find on CD version. In addition, CD players are often recorded in 20Hz – 20 kHz, the sound range that human can hear. Even though human can’t hear anything below that range, we can still “feel” the sound. That’s another advantage of LPs. With just a medium quality record player and a not-so-good sound system, the quality of this combination can overwhelm all the sound quality of luxury CD players.

Meanwhile, the digital sound waves are not waves literally, they are consecutive ladders. Digital recording process will catch the analog waves in a certain part (for example CD: 44.100 times per second) and measure all the parts with a certain exact. But with some sounds like trumpet’s or drums’ with faster changing pace, there would be some awry in the sound quality.

To be honest, if you are a person who love sounds and want to know what the best sound system is, visit my blog and I will show you. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you guys can change your mind about old things like record player and love them more.

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