Basic Knowledge in Selecting a Toaster Oven

toaster oven reviews

I’m a huge fan of modern technology, especially kitchen appliances. The benefits they bring to us are undeniable, especially in this busy life when everybody has to make some money to earn their lives and don’t care much about what they eat, even in meals like dinner.

toaster oven reviews

The machine I want to introduce to you today is the toaster oven. Many of you might have heard about it, but how to have a proper toaster oven for your kitchen is quite a task of challenge, even with experts in home improvement like me. I have read many toaster oven reviews and none of them have detailed guides about how to choose the best toaster oven, so here I am to make that comes true. Let’s begin with the basic things first to know what you are going to buy and the way to make it your best friend in kitchen!

  1. Types Of Toaster Oven

Just like any types of products, the toaster oven is also a kind of appliance so it has many models from hundreds of brands and manufacturers. That’s the reason why you have to know exactly what to choose and put the features into estimation carefully so as not to waste your time and money.

Basically, there are 3 main types of toaster oven on the market and they are:

  • Basic (Regular) toaster oven: Like its name, the main function of this machine is toasting things. It can also operate some additional functions like baking or roasting, but I personally don’t highly expect those functions in this machine. Frankly speaking, this is the lowest level of this kitchen appliance, and you can’t do things such as convention or rotisserie cooking with this toaster oven. However, this is still the possible choice with people who don’t have a good financial condition.
  • Convection toaster oven: This can be considered as an upgrade of the basic model. The design inside the oven is added with some fans inside. The fans blow the heated air inside the oven around the food to create hotter and more effective atmosphere to ensure the food is cooked evenly. The heat will be increased while the energy and temperature needed is reduced greatly. With this advantage comparing to the basic oven, no wonder why the price of convention toaster oven is quite high.
  • Rotisserie cooking: If you want to have juicy meat, this is definitely your choice. The meat is cooked inside the oven while spinning continuously so that it can keep all the meat juice inside and become tasty and soft. The only disadvantage of this type is the size of the oven. It’s quite large, especially with kitchen counter. And the price is quite high according to its function, too.
  1. How Large Is Your Kitchen?

You might not notice but the size of your kitchen counter decides your oven size. You can’t choose the oven first then resize your kitchen, it works another way around. Another thing is the functions of your toaster oven. It comes with the sizes hand – in – hand.

Baking with toaster oven

The size of a toaster oven should be considered both inside and outside. Most people think that the size is all about the external dimension so that they try to resize it to fit their kitchen, but they don’t notice that the main thing is about the internal part where the food is cooked. You might need a little bit consideration here because in some models, the external and internal looks might not be the same in size because of the technology and materials of the products. The requirements should be satisfied before buying so if it’s possible, you should cook something first to test the limitation of the toaster oven and how it’s going to fit the size of the food.

  1. Extra Features

If you have chosen some proper types of toaster oven and wonder about the final selections, it’s time to compare extra options of them. This would be the best way to decide your toaster oven.

Regularly, the best toaster oven often has some sort of presets. You should choose the one with more presets so that you don’t have to remember all the heat or timing. Another thing is the auto – eject racks. It prevents some dangers to your hand while pulling out the food after cooking. Last but not least, you should test the alarms to make sure that it is loud enough to be heard even you’re away from your kitchen.

Common Mistakes When Using The Electric Pressure Cooker

You own the best electric pressure cooker. It does not mean that your electric pressure cooker will cook well and have the high life. When buying this cooker, the salesman also guided you how to use the electric pressure cooker in the right way. Besides, you also read the manual carefully before using this product. However, during the using process, you also have some mistakes which you often do not know. Now, I have a brief introduction about some common mistakes when using an electric pressure cooker. What a pity if you skip this article.

electric pressure cooker

  1. Add The Ingredients into The Electric Pressure Cooker without The Liquid

You should remember that the electric pressure cooker works by keeping the inside steam. When the pot is sealed it will create a high pressure environment. This will cook food faster.

Therefore, if you want to add the ingredient into the electric pressure cooker you also add the liquid too. More or less liquid will depend on the dish which you cook.

Tips for You:

  • The electric pressure cooker needs the liquid to work properly;
  • Moreover, when having the liquid it will create the steam pressure to cook the food;
  • Also, how much water will be different between each type of the electric pressure cooker and the recipes. Generally, you should add about a half to one cup of water. Your pressure cooker can cook.
  1. Use A Lot of Liquid

As I mention, the electric pressure can work without any liquid. But you do not need to use too much liquid. Actually, your food is cooked in the closed environment. And it also has the evaporation. However, this evaporation is not significant.

Especially, using a lot of liquid will make your dish become lack of taste. In addition, a sauce will be too dilute. At that time, your dishes will not be delicious.

Tips for You:

  • You always remember to add at least ½ to 1 cup of water. It is enough to cook the food in the electric pressure cooker.
  • Unless, there are some other recipes which you need to add more liquid to cook the dish more delicious.
  1. Cook Too Full

You have a small party or some guest to have dinner at your home. Therefore, you try to cook too full. This is a common mistake.

Should not cook too full in the electric pressure cooker

In fact, you should not cook full with an electric pressure cooker in any cases. This can lead to some risks as follows:

  • Firstly, it will take a lot of time to get the necessary pressure,
  • Sometimes, it can not get the pressure because it is too full;
  • Or, all ingredients can not be cooked evenly.

Tips for You:

  • You should fill about 2/3 of the pot size.
  • Besides, you also can cook ½ of the size of the pot with the foaming dishes. Actually, the electric pressure cooker needs the open space to perform its functions.
  1. Cook All Foods at The Same Time

It is very terrible if you cook all foods at the same time. It is a mistake which many people using the electric pressure cookers do not note. This is easy to lead to overcooking some foods. Normally, the time to cook meat and vegetable is very different.

Tips for You:

When following the cooking recipe there is the combination of meat and vegetables as well as other small ingredients. You can refer to this tip:

  • Firstly, cook the hard cooked ingredients such as meat and bone;
  • Then, release the pressure to add the vegetables;
  • Next, combine both of foods together in an electric pressure cooker;
  • Finally, continue the remaining step of cooking.
  1. Add The Thickeners Too Soon

Using the electric pressure cooker is to cook soup or stew. It will help you cook quickly. It is really convenient and saves significantly your cooking time. However, you should not add the thickeners too soon because the steam will be very difficult to escape. Thus, your food will need more time for cooked.

Tips for You:

It is very easy to improve this case. You only add the thickeners such as cornstarch or a roux after you cook completely. Actually, all thickeners can cook rapidly by the hot steam in the electric pressure cooker.

In short, the electric pressure cooker brings many great benefits in our life. It is considered one of the indispensable utensils in the kitchen. But it will become more wonderful if you avoid 5 common mistakes. I think it is not difficult to remember and follow. Also, some tips also help you use this equipment properly. I guess that you will like the valuable information.

Which Music Therapy Is for You

Music therapy for you

Few people like the gentle tunes while others prefer the eventful tunes. Instead of finding to the beautiful places to relax, some try to find the comfort through the lyrics. It seems most of us enjoy music. It would rarely come across someone that hates music. In fact, science has given proof in changing of both the hormone and blood pressure; even, the heart rate also increases, thanks to music. Obviously, the kind of music will impact your blood pressure. When you are listening rock or hip-hop with the high quality created by best wireless earbuds, your blood pressure will change a positive way, and vice versa. Music therapy will help you connect and create the relationship with music.

Music therapy for you

According to the theory, music therapy is to use music as a therapeutic method to help in getting personal needs. It is utilized as an alternative health care for centuries. Initially, only newborns and seniors with the mental, physical, and emotional problems were applied.

The foundation of the therapy is taken part in by the majority of the people, so music therapy would be able to have many deep-and-wide benefits in comparison with the others methods. Of course, each of the therapy has the different approach. With music therapy, it mainly utilizes the composing of lyrics or tunes.

Who Will Be Benefited from Music Therapy?

Those who find the way to decrease stress or enhance the workout, music therapy will help you. Nevertheless, the scope of the physiological and psychological ailments is various.

Music therapy is beneficial

Hearing impairment

In fact, the percentage of impaired-hearing people without likely hearing all is very low. Few of other experience related to sensation, music therapy is able to help them, in particular, the intonation, tempo, rhythm, and wavelength. These contribute to supporting and improving the speech of the impaired-hearing one. For the impaired-hearing children, they must suffer music therapy in order to improve the speech information theirs, including, tone, vocabulary, and syntax.


Music for autism people

According to affirming of some psychologists as well as authors, both children and adult getting autism will be improved the significant state by listening to the specific kind of music. With music therapy, it will create a chance so that they can experience without contact the outside a direct way. In many cases, people treated with music therapy will have positive improvement of the factors – economy and society. Nonetheless, everyone needs to pay attention the sensitivity of the condition. It makes sure that they will receive music therapy from those who have experience.

Chronic pain

It can say that both music and pain are the inputs of the sensory. Based on the vibrations, music therapy helps reduce the pain – its main purpose is to combine the music with the pain into one. Thanks to the music, the concentration of the patients on the physical problems is diverted. There is a reason why music therapy is also used for a nausea case.

Substance abuse

Music creates the positive feeling

The majority of adults would be introduced to the first pint of joint or vodka, along with their friends or at the parties. 80 percent of people agreed that they enjoy tripping with a couple of music-playing sorts, especially, in the background. Obviously, our mood is influenced by music so much; even, our traits suffer the changes of it. Those who like listening to metal and rock type of music are more aggressive, for instance. On the contrary, if you like the soothing tunes, your personal character is also affable. These things have shown the influence level of music in our brain. The music may turn us become aggressive or negative. What a good it is!


At present, the number of obese people is lower than depressed people in most countries. All ages are affected by depression. To change the emotion and spirit, the music will help stimulate them. In fact, the therapists use both the theory and the music to minimize depression and stress.

Though this method has the mixture, many experimentations and studies have shown the effect of using music therapy as the health care. Whenever you feel stressed and depressed, you only need to listen to the songs with calm, soothing tunes. It makes sure that you will feel better. So efficient!

How to Choose the Right Record Players for You?

Depending on your criteria to choose the suitable turntable and your budget, at that time you will think to what kind of a record player for you. These two elements seem to be firstly for everyone who prepares to buy the record player. If you are a DJ you will know what do you need and what criteria. There are many record player reviews which most of them are highly appreciated for the specific products. You can consider them as the good suggestions. Besides, referring to more those reviews, you should also combine with your requirements to choose a right turntable.

Therefore, how to choose the right record player for yourself will very important which you must know. In this writing, I will provide some necessary information which they are related to buying the new one. Hope you find out the interesting things here.

  1. Choose The Type of The Drive?

Looseness the belt drive over time

Nowadays, on the market, you will find out two standards. They are the belt drive and the primary drive. Here are some main features of two types:

  • Normally, the belt drive is often used at home. It is the choice of many people.
  • In addition, with the direct drive, you will have the motor which it links directly to the platter and provides the best torque.
  • Also, after using for a long time, the belt drive can be loosen and have the risk for slipping out. This will affect the pitch.
  • Moreover, with the primary drive, its motor will create less noise than the belt drive. It often uses in some clubs where there are a lot of big sounds and noise.
  • However, the price of the primary drive is cheaper than the belt drive.
  1. Need to Have The USB Port

You should select a record player that it has the USB port. Today, they also exist many turntables without USB port. This is very inconvenient if you want to transfer the vinyl record into your laptop or your computer to store safely.

Although USB port does not affect the recording function of a record player you also should need to this USB function. You will use it in the future.

  1. Consider The Cost of The Turntable

There are a lot of different prices for your choice. But the versions for the DJ, the cost of the turntables have the high price. Sometimes, it is over 1000 dollars to choose the best record player.

The record player with high price for DJs

On the other hands, you do not worry about the cost too much. Even, you only spend about 100 dollars you also can own a turntable. However, its function will not be great as you think.

Moreover, you can choose the cheap record player when the shop has a promotion program with discounts. You will have a record player with the best price.

  1. Know the automatic start and stop

Today, it is not difficult to buy the turntables that they have the automatic function for starting and stopping. With the automatic stop, it is good for your record player to avoid the atrophy on the units.

When your record player can start automatically, you will save your time because you only place the tone-arm on the platter and then push the power button for starting. The remaining parts will be worked by the turntable until the recording completes.

  1. Select The Speed

There are 3 levels of the speed. They are 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm. Some turntables only have two speed levels. However, it is better to choose all for a record player.

  1. Invest The High Quality Speakers of The Turntable

I know that you want to buy a good record player to enjoy the songs. If you are willing to invest the good turntable that is no reason you do not buy the good speakers for your record player.

However, before choosing the speakers, you need to know what kinds of the speakers which they are appropriate for your turntable. Everything must match each other to bring the high working efficiency as well as the sound quality.

In short, you have some criteria above. I believe you will own a good set of the record player. To buy the right record player, you should collect some necessary tips about the turntable. With the DJs, choosing the good record player is a key to towards the success in their work. It means how to choose the right turntable is extremely important. So, you should really be careful before having the final decision. Hope this information will contribute more for you to select the right record player.

In What Way Can You Improve The Sound of Your Headphones Better?



Do you want to improve your headphones to have the quality sound? In what way? A great number of people purchase headphone amplifiers in order to do this one. Nonetheless, there is an easier way that you do not have to spend any cost. You can believe, can’t you? There is burning in the headphones. To improve the sound quality of the headphones, many music lovers over the world applied this way. Don’t worry! You do not have to bring your the best workout headphones so as to burn. Everything is more simple than you thought. This method like breaking a new pair of baseball gloves, shoes or anything is only to refresh. How should you do this? Simply, you only need to use them. Nevertheless, this way can only apply with a pair of pretty new headphones. On the contrary, if your headphones have utilized for a long time, you can have already burned enough to repeat them.

On the other hand, your headphones will also be burned by another one. This one depends on you. There is not any evidence for this. In particular, you feel suitable. For example, the suggestion of burning time is from 100 to 200 hours, but you can still apply less or more these numbers. This one is the same as the suggestion of the music volume. Even though the sound level is defined, you can use any levels that you like, as long as you do not play at the maximum levels. Like that, both your headphones and ears are able to be damaged.

In What Way Can You Improve The Sound of Your Headphones Better?

To burn your headphones, you may apply one of these below methods:

headphones 2

# Way 1: Noise

It can say that this method is the most common way if you want to burn the headphones. The noise means sine AM/FM static, white noise, wave sweep, pink noise and so on. At here, you are able to receive countless noise files. By the way, you only need to choose a file after beginning to play it. Of course, your headphones must be connected to MP3, smartphone, iPod, computer, or anything that you can utilize for hearing. Beyond that, you could download many files on repeat. Even, the combination of them into the track is to repeat. To perform this one, you are able to utilize a free program as Audacity, for instance.

# Way 2: Music

If you dislike the first method, you can use the second method, by the way, playing music. Any music can be used in order to burn the headphones. However, you ought to avoid utilizing the frequency from low to high. Let’s create a playlist with a variety of songs which is the best way that you can apply. You should look for several songs that have heavy bass and high notes. In addition, you also need a couple of songs with the average frequency so as to balance it.

# Way 3: only need to use your headphones

It means that whenever you utilize the headphones, you are burning them. There is the simplest way. You only need to turn the music through your headphones. In that way, you were and are improving your appliance. This method is a long-term process. In comparison with these above two ways, it will take much time. Nonetheless, there is still a useful way.

At present, it can say that there are any rules for burning the headphones. All are not proven. The majority of people applied and draws methods. As mentioned, everything depends on you. If you recognize your headphones’ sound better after several burning hours, it will be the useful way to perform. By contrast, if the sound is good, you do not need to do anything.


You do not spend any cost to do this. So, why do you try? No one knows you’re the best workout headphones will become better due to this. You are able to apply all three ways so as to know what ways will be suitable. Let’s remember that they are free! Good luck in using!!

Interesting Points About House Equipment You Should Know

HI guys, this is the article about home equipment. I’m glad to be here and tell you something useful and interesting. To better the house functions, we will need to equip a lot of devices and appliances and it is significant to get more knowledge about them.

For security function, you will have to read more about home security camera reviews to have useful information for safety insuring. Today, I will tell you some interesting points about home equipment that you should know.

home security camera reviews

Understand A CCTV Camera For House

In terms of security camera for home, a CCTV camera has been the best type used up to the present. Considering this product, you ought to know some following points:

  • Styles For CCTV Camera

There are three most common styles for this camera. The first one is standard bullet style which is of the most popularity. This type has canopy and can be mounted easily on the grounds that it has a firm base. We often place in outside the house to observe things around the gate.

The second one is standard dome style. This camera is smaller than the type above and it has 180o rotating lens in order to cover all the space. This camera is often placed in the house or right in the main door.

The last one is convert camera. The camera will be disguised and the design looks like a digital watch. The lens is tiny but very effective to record images and sounds. The thieves will not know about the camera as it is hidden.

  • Comparison Between Wired And Wireless Camera

In the field of connection, there are two types: wired and wireless camera. Each type has its own outstanding features and you will choose the one that you think is appropriate.

The wired camera physically connects to the recorder with a coxial cable. This method works best for short distances or areas where a wireless transmission would suffer from interference.

The wireless camera uses radio frequency signals to transmit data between the camera and the receiver. Both devices are set to the same frequency and use directional antennas to increase the strength of the connection.

These two types are all good and you will not have to compare too much. You only need to understand the way they are operated and then choose the best suitable one.

  • Focus On The Lens Quality

It is very important to focus on the lens quality when it comes to choosing to buy a security camera. The lens should be of high quality and have resolution of 250 x 130, for example, for more clearance.

In addition to this, you should also have a good television or screen to display what the camera can record. For home security, you should have a TVL with high resolution.

These are some points about equipping a security camera that you had better know and understand in order to choose a good item for more safety. In the next part, I will help you get to know about some other devices and equipment for you house.

Other Equipment

As said in the first part, we should choose to buy devices for houses on the basis of the different functions of the house. The part above mentions the security function so in this part, I will make it clear for daily and familiar functions.

  • Brightening

For brightening the house, you will need to equip a good light system. In each room, the lamps and lights can be different on the grounds that the using purposes of each room are distinct. We can have some following types of lights and lamps.

  • Chandeliers
  • Table lamps
  • Surface mounted bulbs
  • Recessed lamps

The chandeliers are suitable for the living room and the dining room. Here, we need some lights for romantic and warm environment so chandelier is of the best choice. While table lamps are used when we read books or work at home. This lamp will create and spread the light within just a corner and it will not affect the other corners in the room and house.

Bulbs which are mounted on the walls are often used to brighten the stairs or for the purpose of decorating. The recessed lamps are on the ceilings in order to create magic light combination in the house.

  • Daily Functions

For everyday life, we will need to buy several appliances and devices such as stoves, washing machines, fridges and some digital devices. Such equipment will better your life living.

Bottom Line

To have a safe and versatile house, every owner needs to figure out the facilities they should purchase and consulting more home security camera reviews is necessary.. I hope that the information above will be helpful for you when it comes to equipping house devices.

Record Players Are Coming Back!

In this century, there’re still many people concern of playing and recording record players, analog sound players, antique collectors, DJs and audiophile. Maybe you don’t believe but nowadays, there are many tracks and albums are still produced in vinyl black discs. Even well – known producers and companies are maintaining the LP version for some albums such as the 2011 version of “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd. Alongside with the disc, record players are also concerned. The best record player can now be purchased easily online, instead of asking here and there hopelessly to find the one that suits your living room.

record player

  1. Some numbers for the records

New black disc are still released monthly, and according to the music industry’s analytics, in 2003, just within half of a year, the number of LPs sold reached 661.000 copies, meanwhile the number of SACD and DVD-A is just 234.000.

Until now, there are many people that have the hobby of collecting the LP or vinyl discs, because of many reasons. Some of them may have a part of their collection long time ago and they want to enrich their treasure, others have just recently found out the joy in collecting this kind of disc. To many people, collecting and taking care of those LPs from the time they take the disc out of the cover, put it into the player, gently put the spinner on, watching the pin moves slowly on the surface of the vinyl record… the whole process is just like an amazing season for their life, a noble and gentle hobby that is irresistible.

A community that contributes a lot in keeping LP alive is the collectors. Each cover itself is a masterpiece, therefore the collectors try as hard as they could to find the cover, trading, making an undercover market that is very eventful, especially with the very rare and special editions.

Record player for DC

  1. DJs – how can they use the LPs?

Professional DJs are also the people who persistently protect the existence of this music device. Most of the free music styles (underground music) are produced and published with vinyl records. Some famous music producing companies recently released the acapella LP version (literal with no music instruments) of popular music for underground mixers, and it’s time for them to remix all the songs, publishing under LPs for DJs.

Many people claimed that it would be better to hear a song through the LP and you will see, you don’t need to be an audiophile to agree with that. The warmth of the sound is completely undeniable. It is explained by the sound waves which are analog pure with the wave graphic always change with a smooth amplitude. The sound waves are saved in the LP exactly correct with what they were created, so that they can still remain the sound quality: smooth and warm.

If you hear a song on CD and fell just fine, you should listen to the same song which is played on a record player. If the sound systems are good enough, the song could make you goose bumping because of the fresh and new feelings that you can never find on CD version. In addition, CD players are often recorded in 20Hz – 20 kHz, the sound range that human can hear. Even though human can’t hear anything below that range, we can still “feel” the sound. That’s another advantage of LPs. With just a medium quality record player and a not-so-good sound system, the quality of this combination can overwhelm all the sound quality of luxury CD players.

Meanwhile, the digital sound waves are not waves literally, they are consecutive ladders. Digital recording process will catch the analog waves in a certain part (for example CD: 44.100 times per second) and measure all the parts with a certain exact. But with some sounds like trumpet’s or drums’ with faster changing pace, there would be some awry in the sound quality.

To be honest, if you are a person who love sounds and want to know what the best sound system is, visit my blog and I will show you. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you guys can change your mind about old things like record player and love them more.

What Kitchen Appliances to Get According To Your Budget

When you have been using a car for a couple of decades it is more than expected to have to conduct a lot of maintenance over the years. As it gets older and older more and more repairs are needed to keep it in the necessary working condition.

Well, the same applies when it comes to your house, and in this particular occasion, the kitchen. Over the years technology gets better and better, thus creating the need to perform upgrades. The kitchen is the closest thing to an engine when it comes to your house. The more you use it the worse the condition it gets, and in due time you need to change things up a bit.


It is very unrealistic to buy a new house just because you need to perform a few upgrades. When it comes to the kitchen in addition to the most essential appliances, make sure you buy quality appliances when doing the upgrades and search for the best pressure cooker, microwave, slow cooker etc.

Now that you have decided to go through with the remodeling process, there are some basic factors you need to consider starting from the available budget.

Assessing the Budget

First thing you need to do before you start remodeling and equipping the kitchen is to decide the budget. Be aware of how much money you can spend. You don’t want to end up with the kitchen half way done and no money to finish it.

Next, you need to know upfront everything that you want to achieve with the remodeling. Do you want to replace the cabinetry and the sink; do you want to replace all the appliances; do you want to add more accessories to the list of appliances? And do you want to base all that on looks and style or functionality. Everyone’s ideal solution is a little bit of both.

What to Consider When Shopping For Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

When you have a clear picture of what you want to equip your kitchen with in terms of appliances you have the room to make adjustments to your budget on the go. If you have less money available for appliances you should opt for free-standing all-in-one appliances. On the other hand, if you have a higher projected budget for appliances you should opt for the slide-in ones. Naturally these are more expensive because they can be customized to fit your overall kitchen style much better. And if you decide for extra customizations the price will get even higher. And all for good reason though. You will have a splendid kitchen design which will allow for easier movement and a lot less creativity and fun while cooking.

The Importance of a Ventilation System

It is inevitable to have smoke, steam and all kinds of smells in the kitchen while cooking. If you don’t want all those to roam free around your entire living and eating areas, you need a proper vent system. There are two options: overhead or downdraft ventilation.

An overhead vent system is installed directly above the stove, attached on the wall or the ceiling and pulls the steam and odors upwards. And since it usually and easily becomes the focal point of your kitchen you should make sure you pick a nice looking piece without sacrificing functionality.

A downdraft vent system is not as exposed as their counterparts. Downdraft systems are designed to pull the air directly from the stove surface and down through the vent system hidden under the floor. Sometimes the air goes through the vent located behind the cabinets.

Both systems are highly efficient in removing the smell and steam while cooking. Depending on your taste and available space, make a decision about which one to go with, but in no way decide to skip installing a ventilation system.

Once you cover all the basic and essential components for your kitchen, you can then decide on the additional appliances you can afford to buy to make life in the kitchen even easier. A microwave if you wish to heat up yesterday’s leftovers, a slow cooker for the perfect stew, a pressure cooker for the fast meal and many others.

The Competitive of Entry-level Boom Boxes

boom boxes

Small, inexpensive boom box audio equipment is still selling well despite more expensive compact disc (CD) boom boxes. Owning an inexpensive boom box enables the consumer to take the device outside and leave the CD machine at home. The budget-priced products are also good as a child’s first audio machine. Some manufacturers have marketed brightly colored products for this market. These inexpensive machines cost $29-$39 while the CD machines cost approximately $50.

Always having a Good Market for the Products

Despite the popularity of the CD-based boom box, retailers are finding there is still a market for the entry-level analog tuner-cassette player-type among consumers.

According to John Messina, an electronics buyer for Tops Appliance City, the entry-level boom box has carved out a very distinct niche for itself.

“The whole boom box business has shifted to two arenas, the entry-level product and CD product and there are a lot of [entry-level] units being sold,” he said. At Kmart, units hitting price points between $29 and $39 are doing very well, said Tom Hook, one of the chain’s audio buyers. He said customers are using these devices for utilitarian purposes and not as their main source of mobile entertainment.

The Perfect Choice with an Inexpensive Portable Stereo

Messina agreed saying he believed many people are buying these budget-priced units either as a second boom box that can be taken out without worrying about it being damaged, while saving the more expensive, CD-equipped unit for use around the home. For the same reason an inexpensive portable stereo is perfect as a child’s first stereo, he said.

Currently, a wide variety of manufacturers are targeting the preteen market by producing durable, brightly colored boxes designed to catch the eye as well as be affordable. Sony Corp. has even hit the market with its My First Sony products, targeted at younger children.

  • The Low-Price Portable Stereo Category

Stereo Boombox

Radio Shack has a dedicated line of simple, easy to operate “kiddie boom boxes” selling in the $35 range, said Rick Borinstein, Radio Shack’s vice president of merchandise marketing. He said this category has helped Radio Shack become very successful in the low-price portable stereo category because it increases the number of potential customers.

“We put a special emphasis on this [the boom-box] area,” said Borinstein, adding the company uses a double-focus approach in its marketing, the children’s products and those for older customers.

Radio Shack further subdivides its marketing approach enabling it to hit many price points. For example Radio Shack has four basic configurations of boom boxes; single cassette and dual cassette units either with or without CD capability.

The market for the very low-priced boom box is definitely still there, said another retailer, mainly because it is still the most inexpensive way to carry music around. He added that despite the drop in the price of CD boom boxes he does not foresee the disappearance of the diminutive box with only a few features.

  • More Expensive Boom Boxes

Manufacturers ranging from the St. Louis, Mo.-based Gran Prix Electronics to Aiwa America Inc. are setting their sights on this segment of the market. Gran Prix has several CD models, some with breakaway speakers, with suggested prices below $50.

Aiwa has even added a wireless remote control to models in this price range, giving customers a feature normally found on more expensive boom boxes.

  • The Intermediate Priced Versions

However, several retailers said the success of the both the budget-priced box and high-end CD type has been made at the expense of the intermediate priced unit.

These models are usually equipped with dual tape wells and Hooks said sales of these items are now flat and he expects that in about a year there will be a large downturn in this area. With prices sitting at $99 for a good quality, yet entry-level CD player that also includes a tape deck, people are opting to buy these products instead of spending the same amount and getting fewer features. Radio Shack said it still does a fair business with dual deck types, said Borinstein.

The Dropping Trend of Low CD Boom Box Prices

Hooks added that customers have not even seen how low CD boom box prices might still drop. Kmart already has one brand at $88 and somewhere down the road he predicted well-known name brand units could be at $79.

Borinstein said he was not certain in where this CD category will eventuate, “but at this time if your product is not in the $100 range it cannot compete.”

The High-Impact Quality of Audio Equipment

Audio equipment

Car and home audio equipment manufacturers have discovered the high-impact quality of television and are suddenly choosing to promote themselves through that medium. Kenwood launched the largest ad campaign of its history with its first television spots in fall 1994. Fisher Inc has created a 30-minute infomercial for its Studio 24 CD changer system that stars singer Alice Cooper and his mother.

For many industries, advertising their goods on television is as customary as fireworks on the Fourth of July, but until recently TV has been pretty much foreign territory for many home- and car-audio manufacturers.

Continuously Up-to-date Strategies of Manufacturer

More exposure for the company name and the immediate impact TV can have on consumers were among the reasons industry executives cited for the recent upsurge in commercials. Audiovox Corp., Fisher Inc. and Bose Corp. are first-time TV advertisers with commercials pushing specific products, joining Kenwood, which has kicked off its largest campaign ever.

According to Bob Law, Kenwood U.S.A. Inc.’s national marketing manager, the recent increase in TV commercials is in response to an industry wide realization of the need for more self-promotion and the fact most of those who make up the company’s main customer base simply don’t read much.

In light of this, Kenwood has jumped on the TV bandwagon and this fall started its largest ad campaign ever. It also marked the first time Kenwood has ever been on broadcast stations. The ads are targeted at increasing the company’s name recognition among consumers and not specific products. “We live in a TV age. A lot more people watch TV than read and to reach the kids, who are our main customer base, the best way is to be on TV,” said Law.

High-end Prestige Line – One of Famous Products

Audiovox Corp. also has made its TV debut via a pair of commercials touting its high-end Prestige line of autosound and car security products. The campaign started Nov. 1 and will run throughout the fourth quarter on cable channels such as MTV, CNN and Lifetime.

“The company recognized that consumer ads are important, but never before put the dollars against that recognition. Right now this is not being done on a grand scale, we admit, but you have to start somewhere,” said Ann Boutcher, Audiovox’s vice president of marketing.

The two Audiovox spots are targeted at specific demographic audiences, with the audio ad running on MTV and aimed at 17 to 25 year olds while the car security spot on CNN and Lifetime is for the more mature viewer. Both feature a toll-free number through which the customer can receive a product catalog and the location of the nearest Audiovox retailers.

Boutcher said response to the ads has been extremely high with hundreds of calls having been received. In response, the company has already budgeted funding for more commercials.

Several Inc. with Their High Standard of Providing

Last spring Bose ran the first ad for its high-end Wave table radio and followed it up with a second spot that kicked off in August that runs on cable and other channels. Alex Campbell, Bose’s vice president of marketing, said customer response to the ads has been positive and, since the Wave radio is only sold direct from Bose, reaching the highest number of people possible is imperative. “We clearly get a better response from TV due to the number of households reached,” he said.

  • Fisher Inc

Another company sold on the benefits of TV advertising is Fisher Inc., which is taking a somewhat different approach by running a 30-minute infomercial featuring rock star Alice Cooper and his mother for its Studio 24 CD changer system. The program gives both an explanation of the product and tells the viewer where the unit is locally available.

“Since we started, more branded companies have begun using it as a vehicle to talk directly with the public,” he said, pointing to Philips Consumer Electronics’ use of the format to hype its CD-i multimedia system.

Shoemaker said he was able to gauge the infomercial’s impact first-hand during a visit to a local electronics retailer. He observed a couple looking at a Studio 24-equipped rack system and heard them tell the salesman they were interested in the product because of the advertisement.

“These people understood the product and came in pre-sold. This is the biggest difference between TV and print campaigns. People don’t always read the whole ad so they may not understand the product,” he said.

  • Philips Consumer Electronics Inc.

One company with a long history of TV advertising is Philips Consumer Electronics Inc., which has placed its Magnavox audio products on the air each fall. Using ads with a healthy dose of humor, John Cleese of Monty Python fame starred in last year’s campaign. Philips decided upon a new direction for 1994, however. It dropped Cleese, replaced the name recognition spots with a trio that are product-specific, and skewed the commercials toward a younger audience.

“We wanted to retain the humor, but drop the comic. We wanted the product to be the star,” a company spokesman said, adding the spots have been running on all the networks, specifically on sports programs as well as the David Letterman and Jay Leno shows. The spots cover the company’s sevendisc CD audio systems, Remote Locator and Smart Sound products. All use the Magnavox Smart-Very-Smart tagline and emphasize the product’s high level of technology.

  • Pioneer Electronics Inc.

Another proponent of TV advertising is Pioneer Electronics Inc., which just ended its third national ad campaign. According to Jim Wallace, manager of advertising and promotion for car electronics, Pioneer attempts to work in conjunction with its dealers whenever the commercials are running.

“We try to get our dealers to buy local time to run along with our ads,” he said, adding this one-two punch approach has been getting good results.

“Cable is much more efficient for us. To go national on the networks is costly and not a lot of programming is out there that reaches the 18 to 34 year olds; it is especially hard to reach them with print because they’re not doing any reading,” Wallace said.